OGF har invitert Laurent Montesi (University of Maryland College Park/University of Oslo) til å fortelle om forskjellen mellom Venus og vår planet. Foredraget holdes på engelsk.


Tid: Onsdag 7. februar 2024, kl. 17:00
Sted: Aud. 1, Geologibygningen, Sem Sælands vei 1, Blindern, Oslo.
Ved: Laurent Montesi, University of Maryland College Park/University of Oslo

Om foredraget:

Venus has the size and composition to be a geological twin of the Earth. However, the very high temperature at its surface makes it inhospitable to life, and its geological record is markedly different from that of the Earth. In an effort to understand what the difference between these planets truly is, I will review the geological characteristics of Venus, the mounting evidence for current volcanic and tectonic activity, and models of the planet’s evolution. Do we truly understand why Venus is not Earth 2.0?


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